Monday, February 7, 2011

How to change the cursor in Word

After years of drilling the White arrows and blinking insertion point in Microsoft Word can decide that it is to change time.

For example, perhaps a banana dance you want your arrow moderated or the cursor insertion point is a guitar. There are thousands of ways from different Web sites. Whatever you choose, can be introduced for a wide variety of purposes in Word and each Windows operating system. Cursor icon selection occurs at the level of the operating system instead of Word. Level of difficulty: Moderately easy

  1. 1

    Load and save a new type of cursor to each vendor's website (see "Resources").

You must register it in the "cursor" folder on your hard of disk, which is usually at C:\Windows\Cursors. Cursor files use the file extension "CUR" or "ANI" animated cursor.
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    Click the Windows "Start" on the left side of the taskbar, and then click "Control Panel".

  • Navigate to the "mouse" Control Panel in Windows XP and Vista by double-clicking on "Mouse". You may need to click "Classic view" in "Control Panel" to find the characters from the list, "Mouse". To find the "mouse" Panel in Windows 7, click on "Hardware and sound", click "Mouse".
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    Click on the "Pointer" tab.

  • 4

    Click the type of cursor you want to customize the list.

  • Click on the cursor for the standard arrow in Microsoft Word, "select Normal."
  • 5

    Click "Browse", navigate to the "cursor" folder on your hard disk, click on

  • You want the new cursor fileuse, and then click "Open".
  • 6

    Click "OK".

  • 7

    Open Microsoft Word.

  • The arrow cursor is now again replaced by the cursor.

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